What is Day Training?

puppy readingDog Training, Only Smarter.

Puppy Love Positive Dog Training is based on the science of animal behavior, learning and cognition, as well as the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement. Positive training combines learning with all the things your particular dog enjoys most: play, games, attention, treats, praise, and always unconditional love!

Our training methods never involve the use of physical punishment, force or fear.

Why should I choose Puppy Love to train my dog or puppy?
Many dog trainers insist that people must learn to train their own dogs. After all, they’re the ones who live with them. Good point. But the “crash-course-for-clients” approach can quickly cause people to become frustrated and discouraged, when all they receive are a couple of hours with a trainer telling them all the things they should be doing differently. Then they’re left to figure out how to go about doing it all by themselves, until the trainer shows up the next time. It takes a lot of study and experience to become a knowledgeable and proficient trainer. Is it really fair to expect pet parents to become instant dog trainers in just a few hours?

It’s Dog Training for Busy Dog Lovers 

The reality is that most people have precious little time to devote to teaching their dogs how to behave. This does not make them bad dog owners, or lazy or uncaring. We would never say that parents who home-school their children are better or more dedicated than those who send their kids to be taught by professional educators. It seems only reasonable to expect trainers to do the training. Then our clients can simply focus on maintaining and reinforcing what their dogs have learned.

We do our job while do yours.

Puppy Love Day Training Programs offer the most convenient and effective ways to train your puppy or dog. We accomplish more training in less time by working one-on-one directly with your dog. When your dog has learned new skills and desired behaviors, we’ll show you how to reinforce and maintain your dog’s success in our transition session.

What’s covered in our training sessions?

• Basic obedience skills
• Good household manners: door greetings, no jumping
• Polite leash walking
• Puppy training / socialization
• Anxiety / agression issues
• Problem solving: chewing, digging, excessive barking