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Dog Training Techniques

Pennsylvania Dog Trainer Christine Pazdalski Dispels Traditional Dog Training Techniques

You can teach an old dog new tricks, as well as their humans. While most people are familiar with traditional dog training doctrine- things like not letting your dog on the bed, or allowing him to walk through doorways first, or eat before you do. These are all part of a long-held dominance dogma, now discredited among educated trainers and animal behaviorists. There is no scientific evidence whatsoever that such practices have any effect on how well your dog will behave.

Domesticated dogs have been living alongside human beings and interacting with us for tens of thousands of years. While they have certainly retained a variety of their wild ancestors’ instincts, dogs’ cognitive abilities, social intelligence and the ways in which they learn more closely resemble toddlers than wolves. Dogs have evolved and so should their training.

I am so excited to share a modern approach to training dogs, one based on exciting discoveries in animal learning and behavior. As a certified professional dog trainer, it is my mission to replace dominance-based methods with humane, science-based training. When people understand that they can relate to their dogs on a different level, it becomes exciting for them too. It’s a welcome relief for us all to finally do away with the adversarial nature that has so long been a part of traditional dog training.

Puppy Love, LLC also has a different approach to how the training is executed. Rather than quickly explaining the concept and setting the dog and owner out to fend for themselves, we believe in handling the initial dog training first. Training is often done while clients are at work or handling other responsibilities. We then pass along the tools and skills so they can maintain and reinforce what the dog has already learned. An initial consultation leads to a customized dog training program for each client.