Positive Dog and Puppy Training

My methods provide the most enjoyable and effective ways to train your dog or puppy. Training should never feel like a chore for people or their dogs. My positive dog training techniques are based on the science of animal behavior, learning and cognition, as well as the proven effectiveness of positive reinforcement. Positive training combines learning with all the things your dog enjoys most: play, games, attention, treats, praise, and always unconditional love!

A New Service For Pet Parents Everywhere!

Julie and her doggy daughter Josie are always on the go!

Do you need expert advice on a specific training issue? I’m excited to announce my new service- virtual pet consulting! If you live outside the Philadelphia area and are experiencing behavioral challenges with your pet, I will now be able to guide you by phone or online. While not every behavioral issue can be resolved remotely, many of the problems that pet parents are dealing with are extremely common, and widespread all over the world – like separation anxiety, isolation distress, on-leash reactivity, inappropriate elimination, aggressive behavior and resource guarding. Get in touch today to learn more!